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About us



Jaanihanso is a family owned cider house and orchard located on a historic farm dating back to 18th century. Our family bought Jaanihanso in 2000. Our knowledge of the farm’s history originates from the papers that we found from the house, and from older villagers stopping at our gate to reminisce about the “old days”.

The renovation story of the estate has been in sync with our own growing to age. Some years with larger construction works, some years not that much, but there has been constant mutual bettering. In 2013, when the last bits of the house had been refurbished, the car had to move out from its brand new pigsty-turned-garage to make room for cider. Famously, garage is the best place to start a venture.


An old and shabby collective farm era workshop that had always disturbed the view across our land, turned out to be the perfect location for Jaanihanso Cidery. We bought it, refurbished and moved in tanks and cider press. The second building on the premises became a  tasting room, where we organize events and tastings.

The perfect soil around the cidery has started to fill with apple trees. First 6000 trees of 8 different varieties of apples, three varieties of pears and some sour cherries have been planted and many more will follow. With the assistance of some of the leading growers and academics we want to get the best out of traditional local varieties. Since 2016, Jaanihanso is a certified organic cider producer.